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Disinfecting is an essential factor when you are taking the cleaning service. It would be convenient for you if you take a disinfecting facility along with PRESSURE FREE Roof Cleaning or House Cleaning because they are connected with each other, and it will save your time as well. It is also important because of health concern and if you have kids at home it it would be compulsory. Follow our recommendation and call PRESSURE FREE for efficient service. 

Pressure Free always uses the perfect methods to provide the satisfactory solution

PRESSURE FREE team works efficiently and takes care of client’s satisfaction. The priority of the team is to provide all the services with quality assurance and less time-consuming.  When it comes to disinfecting the house or any domestic building, the team works according to the traditional rules and regulations. Although, they use advance and upgraded equipment for cleaning but they use the traditional method for disinfecting the place. Pressure Washing West Palm Beach makes sure that this service must be done under extra care because some people are very sensitive and get allergic soon. So, it is essential to use the chemicals or sanitizers who are user friendly. 

The company follows this methods:

Starts with Cleaning

Cleaning is very important in every service because it will clean the whole surface as well as provide the excellent results. Therefore, PRESSURE FREE team starts with cleaning and for that, they use two basic methods. The use of cleaning method also depends on the need of the place.

Rub the surface

First of all, clean the surface with a simple broom. If is there some stains, try to rub them by applying different methods. Some places are decent enough never to require extra cleaning treatment, but after moping the place, the surface will be ready to apply disinfecting material.

Pressure wash

The team also applies pressure wash, but there are few conditions when it never required. Of course, cleaning is essential, but some places are not having any drain for water, so, at such places, moping would be the best solution. The main aim is to clean and clear the surface and make it ready for further treatment.

The major step is Disinfecting

Now, after cleaning, the floor will be ready for further treatment. 

Single coating for minor treatment

The team mixes its disinfecting material along with other chemicals for fast treatment. First, they apply a single coat on the floors and furniture that need it. It will take a few hours to dry properly and then if required, and the team will apply the second coat on it.

Double coating for final treatment

The double coat is essential for dark places or where the insect’s growth is more. They occur, especially under the kitchen cabinet, under the kitchen and other sites’ water stabs and corners. You can also ask the team to apply a double coat for the security of the area.

Moreover, the company never applies any harmful chemicals that can become the reason of any disease or skin allergy. All the user-friendly chemicals are used for the sake of security of the health of the clients. For better results, it is recommended to leave the house and let the chemical and disinfecting liquid works, don’t worry Pressure Cleaning West Palm Beach will take care of your house.